Nvidia Inc released geforce dch standard based whql driver v441.66 for geforce gpus on 11.12.2019

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  1. System: X542UQ.309
  2. Battery or AC: AC
  3. Model: X542UQ
  4. Frequency of occurrence: NIL
  5. Reset OS: NO
  6. Screenshot or video: NIL


Detailed description:

On 11-12-2019 Nvidia company has released the new Geforce DCH & STANDARD whql driver v441.66 for Windows 10 64 bit only.

I would recommend you install the customized and certified driver for your laptop model from Asus support site only.

I am sharing only Generic driver links in this post.

I am sharing the direct downloading link from Nvidia's official website for laptop builtin graphics cards.

for DCH based driver notebook


for  STANDARD based driver notebook


for DCH based driver desktop


for  STANDARD based driver desktop


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