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Mobile Ryen 9 8945HS vs 8945H - any difference?

Star I

Hi There,

Currenlty I'm looking for a new laptop and found theTUF  FA507UV 2024 to be the best overall for my needs:

However in my country I find offerings with CPU 8945H only. That according to the slide should be released for China only:

The one which is released globaly is CPU 8945HS

My concern is that since it is for China either the quality might be lower, or there might be some other small differences that in case I need service it might take longer delivery period for spare parts etc.

What do you think?



As you mentioned, the naming may vary depending on the shipping region. Regarding service-related issues, we suggest that you confirm with the dealer before purchasing that the laptop you are buying is the specification shipped to your region and is eligible for warranty service. Thank you for your continued support and patronage.