Screenpad dosent work after format

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  1. System: Windows 10
  2. Battery or AC: AC
  3. Model: ZenBook Pro 15 UX580GD
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Always
  5. Reset OS: Yes


Detailed description:

I have recently formatted the computer and after installing windows I cannot make the screenpad work.

I have tried to install the provided drivers but I have not been able to install.


  • Hello Pablo,

    Have you upgraded to Screenpad 2.0 before you formatted the device? or remained at 1.0?

    Thank you.

  • Hello, I have the same problem, I had screenpad 2.0 and I decided to reinstall windows, now I can't get it to work. When I run screenpad upgrade tool, it fails and shows some error, live update does not find anything related to screenpad.

    Btw I have the same model as Pablo above.

    Please help.

  • Hello mimilazarevic1992,

    Which model do you have?

    Thank you.

  • Hi Blake I have  ZenBook Pro 15 UX580GD same as original post.

    I have not been able to fix it still, I followed some instruction but when I go on my support page for my model there is no Asus Control system interface v2 driver neither screen pad optimizer. I have asus screenxtreme driver installed and updated and i have limited version of myasus app installed, screenxtreme app when i try to run it there is an error.

  • Hello mimilazarevic1992,

    may you try it again?

    after you reset the device, the upgrade notice should pop up again,

    then you run the process again from there.

    please do not install any other thing separately before this,

    if there is any error message during the process, please kindly provide a screenshot.

    If not, all the drivers and APPs you need for screenpad 2.0 would be installed itself.

    I'm sorry that your device does not support Asus Control system interface v2,

    so for your confusion about My ASUS, please refer to below link

    Thank you.

  • Hi Blake,

    I downloaded windows 10 and created bootable usb drive, I did full reinstall and deleted everything, after that I waited for windows update to complete and install all updates, after that I installed asus live update, installed few critical updates and now there is screenpad 2.0 upgrade tool as recommended update but it won't install, there is no error message, just when i check log it says it failed. When I press f6 there is only option to enable or disable touchpad. I don't know what else to do.

  • Hello mimilazarevic1992,

    I see~ I got your point. Let me try it myself as well.

    may you take the screenshot of this situation? So I can compare it with mine, make sure we are on the same page?

    I will check with our technical support about it.

    Thank you.

  • Here are some screenshots, please advise me what else can I do?

  • My problem is still not resolved and I've tried everything I could think of. This is highly disappointing considering I paid a lot of money for this model with screenpad. Not sure if this is Windows or Asus issue.

  • Hello mimilazarevic1992,

    May you check if your BIOS is verion 312?

    If not, can you update it, and then run the live update again?

    Thank you.

  • Yes it is 312. live update still does not do anything related to screenpad update

  • Hello mimilazarevic1992,

    I went through all of our discussion again. And I'm really sorry that I might have missed something.

    You download Win10 from Windows website, right?

    So you were not using the factory OS, but the open platform one........

    If so....that's the reason......why the upgrade tool has been failing...

    Please kindly send your device to service center to reinstall the factory OS back,

    please make sure that you clarify that the screenpad has been upgraded before.

    I'm really sorry for all the inconvenience casued.

    Thank you so much.

  • I have this same problem for the last 6 months. I have tried many different ways to fix this problem. I am really frustrated with ASUS not because of anything else but the blatant disregard for serving customers who have already bought their service. This is a very simple problem. OS not recognizing secondary display, just find out why and figure out a way to detect it. Its not a problem customers can solve doing their own research because it is BIOS problem. ASUS is uploading UX550GD BIOS for my UX580GD laptop, and all other drivers too. I would understand you made it you know it better, I wouldnt care what model BIOS I was using if this WORKED at all!! But its not!! I cant even install the "Hotfix" driver they put in. This is just disgusting!! They expect the community to fix this problem? When their developers should be able to fix this problem in a few minutes! If they actually made this laptop in the first place that is. If they didn't I would understand that as well.

  • Horrible. Why can't I use windows from Windows website? That is really annoying. I do not want to send my laptop only to get windows reinstalled, that will take time and I need it for work. Can I get the copy of the factory OS and I'll do it myself. Thank you.

  • Hello mimilazarevic1992,

    I'm really sorry about this.

    Factory OS is only provided in service center.

    Thank you.

  • I have the exact same issue as mimilazarevic1992, and also wish to voice my displeasure at ASUS.

    I have a 14 UX480F, and have had to reinstall windows, using a bootable USB from Microsoft. Now my screenpad functionality (which was v2.0 prior to the windows reinstall) is lost. I too cannot (for reason of needing my laptop for work) send it back for factory windows reinstallation.

    Just ridiculous ASUS, sort it out. Would be very easy to remove the restriction on the Screenpad Hotfix to allow on fresh Windows installations.

  • I reached out to customer service, gave them my information, they said they would send me an email which never happened. Problem is still not resolved and screenpad is still not working. It indeed is just silly to send 2000 euro laptop to the customer service only for windows reinstall also they asked for my warranty, which I still have, my question is what after my warranty expires next year, will I forever be stuck with the same factory OS without possibility for fresh reinstall??

  • Exactly I have had same problem since February. They never fix this problem at all. They always ask ridiculous question like bios model, are you sure that you install the windows properly etc. I would never ever recommend this company. You pay 2000 euro for this computer but They don't take you problems seriously. I wish I could sell my laptop as a second hands. I'm looking forward getting rid of this computer and computer service!!!!!

  • Hello trickp1000, mimilazarevic1992,& umuttimurcin,

    I'm really sorry that to maintain the stable performance of screenpad 1.0,

    it is designed to use factory OS only.

    Your opinion has been reported and also added into the products afterwards.

    Thank you so much for your feedback.

  • ezequielgomez12ezequielgomez12 Level 1
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    Formatee mi computadora y para que vuelva a funcionar ScreenXpert hice lo siguiente:


    Con la version de BIOS 304 funciona bien. No hace falta la 305.

    1-Seguir el paso a paso de esta pagina:


    2-Cuando se llega al punto 2.b. bajar ScreenXpert (Windows Store App) de esta pagina:

    3-Continuar con el paso a paso de la pagina

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