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Asus Version UX334FL.300 Screenpad not working

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System: Windows 10
Battery or AC: AC
Description: tried everything but i cannot installed properly the screenpad
Model: UX334FL.300
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Reset OS: Yes

Last edited by r.celot84 on 2020/1/12 11:56 Hello Folks I tried everything i am not able to properly installed back my screenpad - I have been able to extend my desktop into it but i am not able to activate all the functionality that were originally installed. I had to format the previous version since then nothing worked. any help on this? i've tried to check in internet but couldn't find anything. Plus i am struggling with the drivers and tool section. After installing the required drivers the update is still present in My Asus App live updates so i am not sure if that is actually installed or not. (checking the version of the update is not always possible). The screenpad in microsoft store is not present anymore so i did not installed that back. I had it before format my previous OS. Let me know guys! my last chance before contacting the support. Cheers

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Hello r.celot84, Please refer to below FAQ And help to describe more detail, have you installed your own OS? what kind of drivers were you trying? Thank you.

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Yes i did - I have installed them - nothing - they suggested me to send the machine to repair.. is this normal considering we're talking about a software?