Problem with bluetooth and headphone jack will listening to music

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I have notice this very often. While listening to music either through bluetooth or headphone jack the music suddenly stops. Tried turning the bluetooth off and on again, increasing the column to full, removing the headphone from the jack and again connection but nothing works. The only thing that helps is restarting the phone. This was happening even befor the 144 update.

Please help me with solutions if any.

Thank you.


  • As this issue is raised long back itself,

    Where the Asus team recently said they were working on this issue, hope they will get fixed on next upcoming update.

    There is a temporary fix for this problem but not permanent

    Go to setting

    Sound and vibration

    Adjust the ringtone volume ( only in setting not in any functional key) decrease or increase the slider bar, Once the ring tone sound comes, the audio will get back to your headset blutooth or whatever it may be

  • Hi,

    Thanks. It works. At least it better than restarting for the time being.

    Also wanted to know whether this problem is faced by all devices or only some devices.

    Thank you

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    Maximum everyone has this issue as i know, my friend also having asus 6z indian version face' ses same issue.

    This issue was begins while we get notifications tone like whatapp, facebook, sms etc. Even when we had a videocall or adjusting sound mode in audio-wizard too.

    I already sent about this issue with log and video file to andres_ASUS via personal message, he said we are working on this issue on end of march

  • @sankesh I've sent you a private message (envelope in top right corner) containing a log tool and instructions on how to proceed. Thank you!"

  • Any update about this case?

    My Asus Zenfone 5Z having the same problem, and the temporary fix is working for right now..

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