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Pubg keep getting crashed

Pubg crashes everytime when i hit start button it stuck in the loading screen for eternity then this message keep popping.this is happening in every single match.feels like my money went into the trash.its so regretful plzzz fix this it need optimiz...

Not able to hear from fornt speaker

Dear team Please guide me since we are in lockdown and my phone front speaker I am unable to hear then I have to switch to speaker mode Kindly advise urgently

Zenfone 6 discontinued?

Has the Zenfone 6 really been discontinued?B&H Photo Video's site states the product has been discontinued, and the official Asus site now has no store options to buy it from!Did this really happen?

Jeb by Rising Star I
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Horrendous image quality !!

I was appaled by the camera when I used it for video call in WhatsApp today. I'm not much of a camera person myself but I was embarrassed as hell for seeing myself like a monster. Asus really? Keep on ruining !!

Rangzen by Rising Star II
  • 10 replies
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New option for battery care

Hi,I think you could add an option for the care of the battery that when it is active, the battery stops charging when it reaches 100% as if the charger was disconnected, without microcarp. The battery will begin to discharge at 100% until the charge...

fjaviergj by Rising Star II
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Mobile Manager bug and apps not being optimized !

This is the best feature on Asus smartphones and I have been experiencing issues with PowerMaster which doesn't autoswitch nor work manually when the battery drops to 10 or 15%. Please fix the issue. Moreover, I have just discovered that battery opti...

Rangzen by Rising Star II
  • 15 replies
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Why there is soo green tint????

Just noticed its a daylight shot, proper daylight light, and when i click a picture wide angle, i get this weird green tint at the bottom! And when click from main camera nothing is there, both shot on auto mode, no 48mp mode used, no Gcam, Captured ...

Asus launcher need an upgrade

I think the asus luncher is not all lighter it feel heavy opening nd closing the apps.specially when you open apps from folders it feels laggy compared to one plus launcher it's so stable that one plus 6 performance buttery smooth.it doesn't matter y...