My Vivobook s15 starts burning

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System: Windows 10
Battery or AC: AC
Description: Heating Issue
Model: Vivobook S15 s530FN
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Reset OS: Yes

my laptop model is Vivobook S15 S530FN (i5 8th gen, upgraded 12GB ram, m.2 ssd, mx150) - means I have a dedicated GPU which is mx150 2GB (25w).when I start a game the laptop immediately starts flowing the hot air throughout the vent and noises. that's not the problem,
the problem is I can't even play for even 1 minute the laptop becomes hot as it's gonna burn my hands and fingers out.
i immediately stop the game and the laptop cool down :( what to do? even my friends can play games in their Zenbook with i3 processor for about 2 hours and then their laptops become hot but mine literally starts firing within a minute ...


  • After reading the problems, I suspect that Heat sink pipe getting loosed, properly not seated on top of cpu and on gpu.
    Again I suspect that some malwares or pup applications might controlling the GPU to run faster.

    So go to asus service center in your area, contact the hardware service experienced person, ask him to solve the pro problem.
    I think he will replace heat sink pipe, thermal paste.
  • On my new Asus Vivobook 15 it ran really hot. Temps were around 60C to 90C and has shut down because it got so hot. Here is my fix for me ONLY! Ok, I removed the back of the laptop. I drilled 3 rows of 3/8 holes from the CPU to the GPU area. Then I screwed it back on. Sat the laptop on a 6 fan laptop cooler. Now my laptop temps are running around 40 to 75 max. Right now my temps at the time of this post is at 36C. I love it!! Now, I do not recomend anybody doing this to their laptop. Just telling people what I did myself to fix the heat issue.

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