OLED screen quality

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System: Windows 10
Battery or AC: AC
Description: OLED screen quality
Model: Asus Zenbook Pro Duo
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Reset OS: No

I bought Zenbook Pro Duo and the first thing that caught my eye was the uneven backlight of the screen. When displaying e.g. 5% gray, using a video on YouTube at this link and reducing the screen backlight, you can see a large unevenness in the brightness of the backlight. I will point out that the problems I describe can be seen best in a dark room, when working during the day the problems are not visible or are very poorly visible.


  • Banding? Do you have grain too?
  • First of all, OLED screens, like the main 15" screen of the ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo, do not have backlights. They are emissive displays where each pixel produces its own light when activated.

    That being said, you should be seeing a solid image with a solid screen like that of the 5% gray video that you linked to. I tried it on my Pro Duo in the dark and did not notice any difference in the illumination of the screen even at low brightness settings. If your screen looks normal in normal viewing conditions, I wouldn't be too worried about something that only occurs in the dark at extreme settings that you're not likely to use anyway..
  • picture of the screen displaying 5% gray in total darkness
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    gszkop posted on 2019/10/29 20:27
    picture of the screen displaying 5% gray in total darkness

    Read this. It's same panel and show same problem ( https://www.ultrabookreview.com/29145-dell-xps-15-7590-oled-review/ )

    Your photo is not clear about grain. Your screen have grain in gray/white background?
  • My screen don't have grain.
  • gszkop posted on 2019/10/30 05:51
    My screen don't have grain.

    Thank you. Then I should be the guy with most bad luck on the world :(
  • @gszkop

    In looking at the photo of your screen, if the photo is a good representation, it looks like the left side of the screen is slightly brighter than the right side, but not by much. It also looks like you have a stuck pixel in the lower right hand corner. Personally, I don't think the brightness difference is really anything to be concerned with as you have to set the brightness very low to see this. I would be more concerned with the stuck pixel that's on all of the time as when I see those, I can't unsee them and wind up looking for it all of the time. On a generally light or white background, you won't really notice it, but on a dark background, it jumps out at you.

    I read through the article that @braintheboss linked and I don't see any of those types of artifacts on my screen at all. It is very clear and sharp and consistent in brightness across the screen. I'm not sure how similar the panels are between the Dell screen and the ASUS screen as our screen is a touch screen where the Dell is not, so at least some of the specifications are different between the two.

    In the end, it's up to you as to whether or not what you see on your screen is acceptable, but with what you've shown me, I think you're well within the normal range of variation of the screens and I wouldn't be worried about it

    Good luck and let us know if you will keep the laptop or return it.
  • This is my second Asus Zenbook Pro Duo. In the first, differences in brightness between the left and right sides of the screen were larger. I attach a picture of the screen of the first laptop.
    In the second, these differences in brightness are smaller but you can also see a bright line along the entire screen, in its half height. I enclose a photo with a clear, horizontal line.
    What you see in the bottom right of the screen is not a stuck pixel but the power LED is reflected in the screen.
  • I finally returned both defective. Today I will receive new. I think this is new batch then I hope not defective.
  • and how the screen in the second?
  • Ok. I got third laptop. It have same issue as previous. As I had first laptop in ASUS UK service and they told is defective then all laptops are defective. Anyway with default windows zoom ( 250% ) effect is less visible. When you set 100% and load IE browser all white area is a disaster. I will keep it and I will send to repair in a few months when maybe Samsung have better quality production. Anyway very bad sell this laptop with this problem...

    Im really very dissapoint. Only good news is this unit have a very good CPU. 90º in Cinebech R15 making 1710 in stock ( even repeating some times ). With UV i got 1775 but is because stock settings make CPU max frequency not reach max. Really I feel I can be closer 1850 with better setup. I saw units below 1550 in some reviews
  • can you attach a photo with this defect?  Can you also take and attach a photo taken in total darkness, with a screen with low brightness and 5% gray?
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    Yes. I will do. About gray, what kind of gray? can you send me link of background used?
  • Yes. I check with this video
  • gszkop posted on 2019/11/2 21:02
    Yes. I check with this video

    i will do when i finish win10 pro installation. I dont like Home
  • @gsztop

    I looked at your pictures and am not seeing a bright line across the middle of the screen. In all of the new pictures all that I can see is that the left side of the screen is considerably brighter than the rest of the screen.

    I guess that I must've gotten a good one as I am not seeing anything like your photos.

    How low are you setting your brightness to see this? I can go almost all the way down and the image still looks good to me. But, if you're well below the normal brightness that you operate the screen at, why worry about what it looks like? You will never run it that low normally, so it shouldn't really matter what it looks like. Does the screen look even at normal brightness levels?
  • on the photo attached earlier I marked the red area with a lighter line.  It can be seen on any screen brightness but mainly on a gray screen and in the dark.
  • Clean installation is being painful. While I can make work wifi for check your request I send you grain problem. You have set scale to 100% for see it clearer and brightness high. Its not camera effect. Even soft effect. In person is worster
  • please attach photo with 5% grey in darkness and low brightnes
  • Asus is doing good job :/ Can you make a photo like i did for see your grain? Thank you
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