Stuck blue pixel, I think.

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Hey guys, I noticed that there's a very small, and almost unnoticeable blue pixel that is stuck on my Zenfone 6 when the brightness is all the way up. On a black background. I was wondering if this is going to go away on its own down the line, or will it persist? I'm going to try some stuck pixel fix methods online and some apps overnight to see if it'll work, but I'd like to get to know someone else's opinion on it. Or even from Asus themselves. Thanks for reading this and hopefully this can be up for anyone else going through this.


  • You are the first case of bad pixel here I think. Display manufacturing process is not always perfect and there's always chance to get a small defect. It'll probably stay with you but you can try to do something about it if you wish. It's not an amoled so it won't do more damage.

  • Interesting. Thank you for the response. I'm going to try some methods for stuck pixels, but I'm not sure if I want to send it in now or anything, but if it doesn't change conditions before my warranty, then I'll send it in a couple of months before it expires. It is quite odd, as it mask itself pretty well with content, but I hear it's pretty common with LCD's. I'll keep this posted to see if anything changes overtime

  • A single dead pixel would not qualify for a warranty repair. If there was discoloration across a patch of the screen, or multiple stuck pixels, then it would qualify.

    As ColorSage noted, the various pixel repair tools online are your best bet.

    The fact that it is stuck on blue is a good sign, completely dead pixels or ones stuck on white are the hardest to repair with the free tools.

  • Ah goodness, well then, I guess those are my best bet. I can see why it doesn't qualify, but hopefully it goes away with some free tool treatment.

  • Looks like I noticed two other cases on Reddit with this. One person had two of them and managed to get rid of them , except for one, so it seems like this is a bit of a thing, but on a very small scale. I'll continue to try software alternatives, but hopefully I can get in touch with someone

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    It's no big deal. If you do not perceive a defective pixel during normal work, it does not disturb you, I would probably not solve it. The fact that this is only the third case, however, does not speak at all about the actual number of similar problems. Because people simply do not perceive such minor defects, our display is fine enough, so you have to examine it in great detail and up close to capture similar problems and in different colors. So I wouldn't really solve it. The same with TV screens, many users have a number of defective pixels, and for years these TVs have been running and do not know about it and never mind.

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    While that may be true when it comes to perception of it of your average person, when I'm indoors with the brightness all of the way up on dark mode, I can see it as clear as day, especially on black backgrounds. I'd rather make sure I don't settle or anything when it comes to my Zenfone 6. I set up an RMA for the future after things slow down completely, and plan on sending it in, if I can't get it to go away with some software alternatives. I saw someone on Reddit in the UK mention he had a total of three and managed to get rid of two, so hopefully I can replicate whatever he did and see if it will go away. I'll probably send in photos of where it is to make sure the people that inspect it can see it clearly.

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    when I'm indoors with the brightness all of the way up on dark mode, I can see it as clear as day, especially on black backgrounds.

    Then this is a different story of course.

    Could you post a photo of your screen here how bad it looks?

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    Of course! I'll go ahead and post it right here. When you see the toggles in notifications, it's right under the flashlight toggle. I have a video of it, but it's too big to upload here, since the max is 50 MB of uploading.

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    It would be better if you marked the place with a highlighter, because in the first photo I see nothing and the second I do not know if it is dirt or defect display. Of course, maintain proper focus so everything is easy to see in the photo.

  • Ah yes, I'll edit these and go mark the spot. My Axon 7 doesn't have the best camera, so I'll try again.

  • Here we are, I circled the blue dot to show where it is located.

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    when I'm indoors with the brightness all of the way up on dark mode, I can see it as clear as day, especially on black backgrounds.

    Unfortunately, your poor quality photographs cannot substantiate your claim strongly enough.

    You will need to borrow a proper camera to strongly support your claim.

    Even in the photo it must be seen as clearly annoying LCD issue.

  • Wait, so you're telling me you can't see that blue dot that's the stuck pixel that's circled in white? It's pretty noticable, and you can see it clearly, but I'll try again with my other families phones.

  • I see the stuck blue pixel but not sure what steps you can take, maybe contact ASUS if anything

  • I'm glad someone else can see it. I'm already planning to send it in when everything has settled down, and even setup an RMA for the future. I just hope when I do they have available parts and don't send it back to me with only a factory reset like someone's case in the UK on Reddit.

  • no worries but how much of a problem would it be to operate with the blue pixel? Like is there cause for concern for other pixels to have that same blue pixel in the end?

  • Well, sometimes when I'm viewing documents from work or watching something, it's pretty noticable when the brightness is up, and it's just a bit disappointing that this is on my unit. So far for an alternative, I'm keeping the dark mode off, since it's only available on dark mode, and I'm a bit worried for it in the future(Although paranoia pop's up when you know it's still there). I think the other pixels are pretty well and aren't showing any abnormality, just this one. Hoping more don't pop up or anything, but I noticed this a month around February 20th after getting it on January 17th.

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    No, I was able to detect the defective pixel in the circle, but I recommend you to take a really better photo for service that will be obvious at first glance. That's how it looks like it's not that serious because the photos are blurry and out of focus that you can hardly see it, even though I really believe you can see it clearly. Got it?

  • Ah I get it now. I'll try my father's LG V35, since I really don't have anything better around the house. Apologies, I was thinking you didn't really see it.

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