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Headphones not working properly.

My headphones are not working neither the wired one nor the wireless one in my zenfone 6. My headphones are fine as I have tried it in in other phones. I think there is a problem in audio services in my zenfone 6. My headphone jack is fine as Google ...


Removed ( Theming Option ) Devloper Options > Theming

Ken_Zen by Star II
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Latest update crashes my phone and destroyed my batery

So I updated my phone this afternoon 27/02/20 it immediately crashed several times after installing and rebooting, now it says I only have 0 percent batery but is still on.i switched it off, and gives me 35 percent batery, but won't charge!!!!! I'm ...

Battery Drain & Heat After 17.1810.2002.133 Update - NEED FIX

Have noticed excessive battery drain and phone emitting more heat than usual after 17.1810.2002.133 February update. Anyone else have this issue? Screen on time has suffered significantly and seems to drain quickly whether you are using the device or...

LMunro by Star I
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Tricks to improve gaming performance

In this thread everyone can share their ideas and tricks to improve gaming performance?Is keeping the phone in power saving mode can decrease the gaming performance? Cause i am experiencing sudden frame drops in asphalt 9 I don't know why in other ga...

Monark by Zen Master I
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Hollow Sound

So I'm on the .129 update currently and I've noticed at times when I'm watching a video on youtube, the sound comes out like its hollow. Its like there's an echo being heard when listening to someone speak. I sometimes notice this when I'm speaking w...

kk454347 by Rising Star I
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Feature request

Hello Asus, could it be possible to add a 4th icon in the navigation bar in next update thanks to which we can access to reboot, poweroff the device without having to click on physical button? (And maybe other things, I saw this on Huawei phones wher...

heyoka by Rising Star II
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New update 133!

Just received this morning in FranceWhat is new?Thanks

heyoka by Rising Star II
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Good job asus in updates!!

Hey asus!!Just wanted to thank you guys for regular monthly updates and i really appreciate that asus has finally listened to us and working hard for the updates.Just few questions i have regarding updates in future..!1) will there be any camera upda...

pie firmware for the US Zenfone 6

Is there a pie firmware for the Zenfone 6 in the US I need to downgrade because I unlocked with Android Q on the phone and it's messed up my fingerprint sensor it doesn't work at all please help thank you.