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Phone lagging a lot after recent update

After the recent update the phone is lagging like crazy. My dad's Redmi 7A performs better than this phone.Yesterday while celebrating holi I tried to open the camera and after clicking a picture was sent back to lock screen and photo was not taken. ...

Enhancement request for AudioWizard

Let's be honest audiowizard tuning is awesome. The listensing profile and device profile really helps in bringing out the music.But each device that we connect will have their own listening and device profile. Eg: I have a 1)bt speaker 2)tws earphone...

Fps drop

Hey what is going on with zenfone 6? I play darkness rises and honkai impact the fps drop very badly, i play this game on zenfone 5z was working amazingly but why in zenfone 6 the fps drop so badly? Here i attach from my recording of darkness rises. ...

Sound bug when using Skype

After I'm done talking on Skype using earbuds the sound of media plays on low quality and i think because it stuck and streaming all the sound from the phone call channel and not from media channel of the phone. i upload 2 screen shots that shows th...

Z5SLNHCLTM35.jpg R5HY7S3UB0S4.jpg

Resolved! Invasive call dealer

There is any option that allows to not receive call on full screen? Like only in the upper part of the screen near notification bar, thanks.

Can't unlock Bootloader 10.03.2020

I can't seem to unlock my bootloader using the unlock tool from asus. I tried all 3 apks, tried VPN, mobile network and wifi. I have an Indian unit and am living in the UK on O2 network. I downgraded from android 10 to pie and still nothing. Please d...

Quick Charge 4.0

In the specs for Zenfone 6z it is mentioned it supports quick Charge 4.0. The adapter provided is of 18w. If I get a 27w or 36w adapter, will the phone support it or it will charge with 18w only. Does asus provide 27w or 36w adapters seperately?


Need to fix system stability especially for gaming, i experience frame drop very bad in honkai impact and darkness rises. This issue was never happen when i play it on zenfone 5z.

Other side cannot hear me intermittently on the call

Noticed after updated to 133(maybe existing after 129, not too sure when it started), my phone started to have the problem during phone call. After phone is connected for sometime, the other side cannot hear from me just like drop line, it may stay o...

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Theme on Stock Dialer

As a preface, I want to use the stock dialer as I sometimes need call recording.When I use a third party app (Tasker) to automatically swap dark and light themes at daybreak and sunset, the dialer app and contacts within the dialer app don't change t...