PubG lagging , battery draining ,Need an update

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There are too many lags in pubG nowadays I think Rog 2 is getting out of date . I think updates stabilize the laggs in pubG but u guys aren't providing frequent updates.

For now I am playing on smooth and extreme graphics which has very less lags but this isn't a POCOPHONE to play on low graphics . I prefer balenced and extreme in this phone but it's too laggy nowadays . Pls guys we neeed performance update on this . I don't care about android 10 but for me performance matters most . Pls give us performance boost .

And even nowadays I am observing battery only lasts 5 hrs 30 min from 100% - 2% even when the sound and brightness are kept at 85%. My former one plus 6t had 3700 mah battery in which I almost got 4hrs 30 min even for a whole year .

I am getting a doubt is this really 6000 mah battery or is that u guys didn't fully optimised battery like one plus did??


  • U guys might like this , I have fully understood how gyro behaves in this phone spending more than 2 days in training room .

    For the guys who complain gyro problem - here is the solution just put songs go to training room grind , grind and grind till u understand how gyro behaves in this phone. This is the only solution for now . It's gyro isn't bad but is a little bit complicated that's it .

    I found a problem while overusing gyro - sometimes gyro becomes reversed like if we pull mobile down aim goes up and if we pull right the aim goes left u guys should look it .

    It happens only when overusing of gyro like rarely but if that would get fixed it would be a lot of help

  • I don't know... if systems drain much battery too ?.. I've try to restart my phone after I charge to 91% then after I open it become 90%... Still waiting for Android 10 if this thing will fix or not.. if not then it's time to go to Asus service center this phone is brand new Ultimate edition and already have replacement but still the same problem..

  • I can feel your bro , pubg was very smooth not only on extreme and smooth but also on hdr . Nowadays the performance is getting ruined also the battery consumption is high then before . Also I'm facing problems like late response from game (like Dsync) you get hit even after coming to covers , but due to late response you get knocked. Also if the whole server use to land at the same place Rog 2 never use to lag , but nowdays even if there are 2-3 squads it just starts rendering a hell lot and I feel just like I used to in other phones which is really disappointed while having this beast . No android 10 but I agree that our devices should get updates to enhance performance ?.

  • i can play at hdr extreme without laag aand it is veerey smooth the problem is just battery drain.

  • Really is it smooth?? What is ur tier in pubG ?? In my device balenced / extreme can't even be handled idk how u get so smooth experience on HDR / extreme ?. Mine is very laggy on HDR/ extreme .

  • i already reach ace 2 weeks ago. What's your sceenario profile on graphics and on xmode?

  • do you have aero cooler fan attached? what version are you in?

  • screenshot your settings on armoury.. group genie. display... and in game graphics...

  • Nah I am not using aero cooler cuz it's still not available in India.

  • i sere that's why equipping aerocooler will dramatically change the stability when playing pubgm. I was once don't have aero cooler and im suffering the same problem as you but as soon as i purchase and equip it. you'll really feel the difference..

  • But whenever I play games I turn on a.c in my room which keeps the temp of phone low . But also I face laggs

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    Air condition in the room is not the same as having a cooler attached on the phone. The cooler on auto settings will reduce temperature of the device for 3 deg C. The fan setting set to high (the cooler fan blows full all the time) it can in my case reduce temperature of the device for up to 10 deg C (from 49 to 39 in Asphalt 9). It's winter here and I never play without the cooler. The most useful accessory you can get. It's not the only condition for smooth playing, the other being the stability of the network, but it helps a lot.

  • Here in India Aero cooler 2 is still not available :(

  • I don't know what's with the aero cooler being attached but it has improve the performance and FPS stability. before that was really my problem.. i always complain here. then after acquiring the cooler fan it suddenly can have stable performance.

  • 85% brightness is really bright and if you have adaptive brightness active, then you don't know if it sometimes goes even higher.

    To compare this with another phone that you used to game on with different display, different chipset, different everything and most probably on a different version of PUBG is not a good comparison.

    We've been conducting a battery comparison in this thread below and it's always nice to see when users discovers how much difference display brightness can do. @OPC was surprised to see that he could only get about 3h of gameplay in Asphalt 9 when running at full brightness and when playing with normal brightness he's used to twice the battery life

    If I set the ROG Phone II display to 20% brightness and 60Hz, then I can run PCMark for up to 24 hours. The same phone doesn't even reach 8 hours at full brightness in 120Hz running the very same cpu/gpu intensive tests.

    We're actually improving the gyro for PUBG in a future FOTA :)

  • I don't play PUBG Mobile but out of curiosity I've just installed on both of my phones, ROG phone 2 and LG V30+.

    Ran at highest settings on both devices.

    LG ran without any lags or frame drops,

    ROG with X mode had few lags here and there. Not too much of lags but not butter smooth either. Frame drops especially while engaging with enemies.

  • 1. Ok i understand my Op6t is missing extra hardware parts and is older than rog 2 ,I understand it the comparison is waste.

    2. But idk how many nits of brightness both phones but Rog 2 85% brightness = 50 % brightness on op6t. Idk but it may be because different panel behaviour . I understand it .

    3. There may be more space for battery optimization . U guys should try it :) . I understand screen is 120 hz (mine kept at 90 hz) it drains more battery but u guys shuld try it .

    4. What about laggs ??Anders_ASUS Any solution for that .

    Now even ultimate X mode is also not enough to stop laggs . Any update about this ??

  • Thx for adding gyro problem to ur future updates . I really do appreciate it .

  • It's very hard for me to say why your ROG 2 lagged and LG V30+ didn't. Could be lots of reasons and there's no point for me to speculate into why. I just know that if you have a freshly installed ROG Phone 2, connected to a stable WiFi with good connection to the server, then there's no chance that a LG V30+ will run smoother. It could very well be that both offer similar experience in a normal game but once you have a lot of enemies nearby dropping smoke grenades and what not, then the ROG Phone 2 will prevail.

    2.- How is 85% brightness on Rog Phone 2 = to 50 % brightness on OP6T? This is purely based on an assumption. If this was true, then you would burn your eyes out with OP6T on 100% (a bit of exaggeration for comical effect, but you get the idea). 50% on the brightness slider doesn't need to be 50% of the displays brightness performance. This is up to how the manufacturer designs their brightness bar. So even if ASUS and another brand would have an identical display, they would not give the same brightness at 50%. According to GSMArena OP6T has about 450 nits at 100% without overdrive and ROG Phone 2 has almost 480 nits without overdrive.

    3.- I'm not sure what you mean we should try. What do you suggest?

    4.- It's hard to know what kind of lag, where, in what scenario everyone is talking about when they mention lag. In our own tests there's very little lag. All phones experience lag in some degree with PUBG. I don't question that you experience lag because there are tons of things that can cause lag in this and other games but we can't know the root cause for you specifically. If you could try and be as elaborate as possible with what kind of lag, when you experience it. What settings you have in Armoury Crate, refresh rate. Do you experience it even if you kill all apps and restart your phone. Try your best to paint us an as complete picture as possible. Please make videos with the screen recorder.

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