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Guys if some could help me out on this it would be great !

There is a scheduled charging mode in battery manager where in if you set in a particular time in that period the phone charges appropriately to the duration set , say between 10 PM to 6AM then the battery will slowly charge to 100% between that time period . Is my understanding of the option correct ?

Coming to the issue , assuming my understanding is correct , the scheduled charging it turned on even outside the set timings , say for example i charge the phone at 6 PM when the timings set is 10 PM to 7 30 AM even then the scheduled charging is turned on and the phone charges slowly . Second when i plug in the phone say at 11PM ( when the scheduled charging is set between 10 PM and 7.30 AM) then scheduled charging should turn on right ? But it doesn't , and i cant find a manual option to even turn it on .

If anyone can shed some light it would be helpful



  • Well, the turth is that the battery will get fast charged up to 80% and then the charging speed will be drastically decreased for the remaining time so that the battery gets fully charged by the final time of the period.

    The battery care function must be turned on in order for it to take effect but it will only get activated in between the selected period. You will know when the function is running if you see the icon of a battery inside an oval at the upper left corner of the screen.

  • Yea that's kinda my point it is supposed to work in the selected period but it never does , it works outside the selected period ! Also the battery care function is on .

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    Please find the power master app in system settings -> apps & notifications -> see all xxx apps -> (show system apps) and clear its storage and cache. I believe this will fix your issue.

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