Screen suddenly gone balc and phone not respondiong

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My phone has suddenly stopped working. the screen has gone black and now is not responding, its not restarting its not getting charged also. But if I call on that no its ringing. That means the phone is working i guess. What is the solution? Pleas help


  • According to your description, bringing the phone to a service center is the best solution.

  • Recently it happened with me also.. I don't know what was the problem.. And it happened suddenly after a call.. I was about to send the phone to service center but then I thought of giving last try for hard reset.. Although I had tried 1 or 2 times before also but in last try it was successful. Phone restarted and now no problem.. For hard recent you have to press vol and power button simultaneously for a long time.. Try it in your phone also.. It may work for you.. Cause if you will send phone 2 service center it will take min 15 days..

  • I faced the happens and it's random

    The only thing i could access was the notification panel

    I asked around the forum but the obvious answer you r gonna get is reset after the phone is back to normal.

    If this is the first time leave it be but if it's happening again and again do a reset you'll be fine but if it persists send logs to mod and your phone to service center

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