Reboot is slower in Android 10

_jis__jis_ Level 5
edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6

I am surprised that no one has mentioned this yet.

The reboot takes longer (27 seconds on A10 instead of 22 seconds on A9 for me) and after the restart the black screen is visibly longer than it was in A9. I see a black screen for 13 seconds on A10, while on A9, it was at least five seconds less. When I first rebooted in the A10 I was frightened if my phone was freezing, because I wasn't used to waiting so long in the A9.

Maybe there is a timeout in A10, some waiting for something, like a button push, but if at least it was explained somewhere. As soon as I know the reason for something, I'm fine and I'm willing to get used to it. If I don't know the reason, it just annoys me.

I wonder if this is a general problem in Android 10, or just an Asus ZF6 problem.


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