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Dear All,

Just received an update for Zenfone 6 ZS630KL through FOTA and unfortunately I have updated it. After update phone restarted a few minutes without success to open.

After a lot trial, recovery screen opened and I made a factory reset and lost all data. Anyhow after factory reset phone opened and set up all applications. But IF I switch off the phone, again and again I face off restart problem. IF I see recovery screen , phone can start after factory reset again.

Anyone can help and say what should I do. there is no Asus CENTER which supports this model in my country.

Software version : WW_17.1810.1910.73



  • As to understand the issue you are having;

    Now it works but if you turn off your phone - (power off) and then turn it on again, it will keep restarting or?

  • If I factory reset it workd only for one time till i switch off the phone. If i switch off phone restarts all the time till i do factory reset . If i factory reset, it start but only for one time till i switch off the one. Today i tried to load update thru recovery mode but problem still arises. I will try do downgrade the software if i can do

  • How I can downgrade it to stable version. Anybody can say and support?

  • Downgraded to Android 9 and phone returned to work stable. I don't know what is causing this error but seems software problems are present in.Android 10

  • Sorry, I missed this post somehow. It's good to know that Android 9 is working for you, but eventually the software will be force updated to your phone for security. When you are forced to upgrade to Android 10, please let us know if the restart problems resurfaces.

  • ??

    "eventually the software will be force updated to your phone for security"

    How/when does this kick in?

    Like M$ does with Win10.


    You mean the customer will have to unlock the bootloader and move to a AOSP ROM if Asus android 10 ROM is not usable, for whatever reason.

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    Actually it forces to upgrade same version. I do think that if I upgrade I will live same problem again because upgrade file and version is same. I may wait for next version .

    In this version, what I have seen is ; each time I should factory reset the phone and set up all applications again in order to use the phone. Seems there is incompatibility with this version and phones some programs which is causing the phone to restart. If Asus announces new version I may try after a full back up of the phone.

  • Today I realized that restart problem is because of language settings of the device. If I set phone.language English, it is working. If I set up it to Turkish again I have to factory reset. So nice during factory reset it starts with default language there is no restart problem. I think. All users worldwide who are living this problem is because of a bug in language files. Hope Asus may take care of it.

    Since there is no sale of Zenfone 6 in my country there is low probability that they may take care of it

  • You're allowed to postpone the update three times, and then Google will install it for you. This is standard across all Android ROMs.

    Having to move to another ROM is extreme. Android 10 for ZF6 has some bugs, but to call it unusable is not correct. The OS is stable now and will be improved with every update.

    All of the features and services on Android 9 will be present on Android 10. Are you concerned about losing compatibility with some legacy apps?

  • Noted. I'll see if we can do anything to help you with this. Would you prefer to have the phone set to Turkish?

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    Then what is the point of having a special fw to revert to Android 9, if the phone will be force-updated again soon anyway?

    I have never had this problem, i.e. with forced updates, but then I have been using Xiaomi phones with the ROMs, which are debloated both from Xiaomi's and Google's unnecessary stuff.

    I am quite happy with my Z6 on android 9, and am not in any hurry with 10, because of no perceived advantages and the various potential bugs, especially Gcam compatibility.

    Clearing data for the FOTAService app, and then blocking it's internet access with Netguard apparently solves the problem.

  • Yes I do but if i switch of the phone when it is set up in Turkish I know very well that I had to factory reset it till new version software comes subject to problem in softwares is sorted out.

  • Sorry for a late comment here.

    So basically, if the device is set-up with Turkish, on Android 10 (after a factory reset) you will face restarts.

    If you set it up in English, it's fine.

    We'll backtrack with devs on this particular issue.

  • Yes right, thank you

  • Our software team would like to log your phone. I'll send you a PM with instructions.

  • Hello All

    I am having the same problem. I just got my Zenfone6 today, transfered my all data and set my phone. After the new updated I turned it off and I had a message that Android loading is failed. So I had to reset it to factory settings. It happened twice and my language was set as Turkish. Now I changed it to french setting it. Please help me with it. If you can givea solution I will be very happy. Thanks.

  • Hi!

    I had the same problem almost 1 month ago and I gave it to the service couple of times to have it fixed. It was a tiring experience... However, the problem still arises and the last time I received the phone from the service, there were scratches and they decided to change it with the new one. The new one doesn't offer the new update yet, but I am sure after reading all of the above that I will have the same problem if I use it in Turkish with Android 10 update. Waiting for your good news.


  • Today I have received an Fota update saying that a wallpaper issue which is causing restart /recovery mode problem is fixed in this new version.

    Unfortunately it is not working and causing restart problem if device is set up in Turkish. Software team can easily set up a ZenFone 6 language as Turkish and switch off the phone. Than they will see that they will not be able to restart the phone till they factory reset. Unfortunately during last 2-3 months they couldn't fix it and many people knocked the door of service. Not only Turkish also many other languages lives similar problem as i heard from different websites. Thanks for helps to sort this problem

  • Sorry to hear that the latest update didn't resolve it.

    I'm still waiting on your log file and video of the issue. Once you pass it to me I can update your case for HQ to analyze. They really wanted a log of your phone.

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