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Is there an ETA when we will see the 8/256 GB Twilight Silver model in Europe? Does it come before the Zenfone 7? :-)


  • I'm sure it will be before ZenFone 7! ;) I don't have any info unfortunately. You are probably more likely to get a reliable answer from the retailer you were planning to purchase from.

  • The official ASUS eShops are almost the only retailers in Europe. That's why I was hoping to get an answer here.

    It's really difficult to get what we like even months after release. The only Twilight Silver model is the 6/128, there was never a 8/256 since May. :-/ I guess they are not even produced at all.

  • I'm based in the US, so I don't have access to much of that information. I don't know your specific region, as Europe has quite a few, but on your regional eShop page there should be a contact information section. The main directory is here https://www.asus.com/store.html.

    Give them a call or an email and see if someone in your region has access to that info.

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    Since launch, availability has largely been "radio silence". Another term that is fitting: passing the buck.

  • Yes, it's a shame. The ASUS eShop guys here (it's Germany in my case) are completely clueless, too.

  • Ok, the official ASUS shop in Germany told me they have no information at all from ASUS. They asked ASUS many times for a delivery date but did not get one. Wow. Crazy. What a mess.

    Is there anyone here that is not based in the US and knows anything? @Anders_ASUS seems to be pretty good informed...

  • You're dreaming buddy. You aren't going to learn anything here about release dates or availability.

  • Availability for 256GB Silver is very uncertain for europe. If 256GB is a must, buy the black one. If silver is a must have, then buy the 128GB and a SD card.

    It's true that I would not disclose any info regarding ZenFone 7 here but I don't believe he was expecting it considering his smiley in the end

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    Or I will buy... Nothing at all.

    Sorry, I'm really tired waiting for the phone I liked to have. I don't spend that much money for a second choice. There are other enterprises that release nice phones and... sell them. Some days after the release date they sell their phones in the real world! That's crazy, isn't it?

    BTW - no, I really wanted to know an ETA for the ZenFone 6, 8GB, Twilight Silver. Not for the ZenFone 7.

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