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USB 3.x support?

Since the spec page doesn't list USB spec, does the Zenfone 6 support USB 3.x?The reason I'm asking is that I actually transfer files to my phone and don't want to waste money on a phone that only supports the antiquated USB 2.0 standard over USB-C.

Best Paid apps for zenfone 6

HiCan anyone tell me the list of best paid app for zenfone 6?.Especially the apps that can utilize the flip camera to its fullest.And also other app which works best with 6z....for eg. uysing the AI Core support Camera 2api etc...Thanks!!

sankesh by Star III
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No update from long time?

No update from long time... Till now i had believe that asus will correct all its bug in 6z by update.. Now I doubt after Rog2 they will be same as before in updates? Or they will forget 6z and get busy with their new projects?

Fingerprint sensor gesture as back button

It would be very comfortable if tap on the fingerprint sensor act as back button. It was there in my previous phone and it was very convenient. I really miss that.For a 6.4 inch phone it's really hard to hit back button at the lower corner.


HI,The new feature called astrophotography seems really cool in the latest version of GCAM.Please try to incorporate in asus 6z.Thank you.

sankesh by Star III
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Zenphone 6 wide angle camera not working

This morning I've noticed when I open the camera there is no toggle switch to choose the wide angle camera. I've run a test through the calculator system tests and it's coming back as failed. The phone doesn't seem to think it has a wide angle camera...

Need improvement in Auto Panoramic pics.

I had noticed it since the launch of phone in india but only decided to take the issue now. When you take auto panorama pic atleast in well lit area like daylight the photo which comes out has many continuous blur lines i dont know how to describe it...

ZOS294T8XR49.jpg D4GMV3WQYXT6.jpg ZPWHJL0WVBT6.jpg
paras0710 by Rising Star II
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Gorilla Glass 3 (not 6) on the back of Zenfone 6

FYI - back glass in Gorilla Glass 3 only in ZF6. Prove at Corning website. https://www.corning.com/gorillaglass/worldwide/en/products-with-gorilla-glass/smartphones/asus/zenfone-6.html


Another Zenfone 6

Two months ago I had a Zenfone 6 but it turned out to be a defective unit and I returned it to the store where I bought it and since that day I have tried different phones but I still like the Zenfone 6 for different things as functions of the softwa...

ferxo13 by Star III
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