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Audio Wizard headphone profile

Star III
In audio Wizard settings, under headphone profile selection, it already listed few of brands with their respective models.
Whether these automatically updated in background for newer models launched in market or we have to select only the listed models?

Rising Star I
I just received my Asus Zenear BT, and these are not in the list either.
Also the AAC codec (which the Zenear BT supports) is not available, only the SBC. (I have an E. 30 with latest update.)
Then I had a rather peculiar problem initially getting these to work and pair correctly, which had nothing to do with the Z6.
Is there some better place in your forum to discuss the Zenear BT?

Hall of Fame III
Currently, you have to choose between the ones that are already in the list. I don't know if it will be updated any time soon.
You can force AAC by going to settings -> system -> developer options -> bluetooth audio codec -> select AAC
Unfortunately there's no forum for Zenear BT

Rising Star I
Ok, thanks for the AAC settings will try it out.

The problem I had with the new Zenear BT begin with that the left one was dead when I unpacked them.
The right one was working and the charging box was fully charged, so uh-oh I thought - bad omen, left one DOA?
I tried getting it to charge, it did not seem to want to.
I ended up cleaning the contacts with chemically pure gasoline, and first after that would it charge normally.

Then when I was trying to pair them, I would get two separate "Asus Zenear BT" to choose from - left and right, each would pair separately, but not together, no clue how to fix it. New driver necessary I was thinking.

After turning on and off and doing a full reset (holding their buttons down for 10 sec.) a couple of times, I noticed the right one would first pair with the left one, and then only the left one would be available for pairing with the Z6.
That is apparently how many of these BT earbuds work, I found out later - have not had any before.

So now everything seems to be working correctly, will try the AAC.

Suggestion for Asus quality control - clean the contacts with suitable solvent before final packaging.

Rising Star I
The AAC codec does make a noticeable difference in sound quality, it should probably be enabled automatically as a choice.
I tried several of the headphone models available, and just picked one for now that I felt gave the nicest sound. (Asus Clique H10).
I am not enough of an audiophile/ fanatic to want to spend a lot of time perfecting the sound, there are way to many settings, what with having an equalizer, etc., even in the VLC player.