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๐—ฃ๐—น๐—ฒ๐—ฎ๐˜€๐—ฒ ๐—”๐˜€๐˜‚๐˜€ ๐——๐—ฒ๐˜ƒ๐˜€... Fully integrate Material You into ZenUI!!!

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Today, the first day of Google IO commenced. Along with the next 2 years of Google's hardware and software shenanigans, we got our first peak at android 13 and it's release window 5-6 months from now. In it, they announced along with the selling point of increased security and better IoT integration an expansion of Material You into other products and services on Android devices.
While I should have been excited, frankly I felt pure dread when I heard that, as quite literally MONTHS after the ZenUI android 12 update, there is still ZERO Material You support. I would like to remind all of you the visual overhaul was the main selling point of A12...

Asus Devs... PLEASE RELEASE A QoL UPDATE FOR ZENFONES. Current issues include but are not limited to:
Every app, widget, and service with Material You is stuck as this god-awful sea foam green. There is no way to fix this, as ZenUI decided to keep the extremely limited color selection from A11 as it's customization... Not only are these 8 colors you gave us only applicable on the volume button and notification tab, NONE OF THEM MATCH WELL WITH THE SEA FOAM GREEN ZENUI NOW FORCES ON US.
Despite numerous pleas from fellow fourm dwellers, the brightness rocker on zenUI is still extremely awful. Not only did A12 ZUI remove the dedicated automatic brightness button present on every version of Android (including A12) since jellybean, but it also neglected the outdoor brightness boost that has existed on Android since lolipop. Because of this, to get the brightness boost to activate: you must fiddle with the brightness lever for minutes until it finally recognizes you want to raise it past the normal amount and gives you the extra nits. There is also zero indication when this is active or not.
When using automatic day/night mode, options buttons (which are still using the 8 A11 colors, mind you) sometimes neglect to switch to it's night or day counterpart. The only way to fix this is to restart the phone.
THERE IS STILL NO OPTION TO MOVE THE ACTIVATION POINT FOR GAME MODE. I know this affects ROG phones too. Please give us the option to move it to a different part of the screen in order to avoid accidental activation.
Please separate the game mode notification blocker, and overlay blocker. I try to have conversations with others via bubbles when playing games or consuming media. However, the only way to have a bubble on the screen when doing either of these things is to have notifications on, meaning every time I get a message I get the huge block covering half my screen, simply so I can have easy access without switching off the tab.
GIVE US THE OPTION TO TURN OFF AUDIO WIZARD AND AUDIO NORMALIZATION. I should not have to activate ANDROID DEBUGGING to have my audio unaltered. (Don't give the "when on no headphone preset and music mode it doesn't affect audio" because it still normalizes it.

These are all extremely easy QOL improvements to implement, many of which require a simple value change or a revert back to the stock android setting of that option.
It is genuinely abhorrent that I have spent this much money on a product and simple, yet mind-bogglingly INFURIATING issues like this persist for months on end with no acknowledgement from the dev teams. I browse the fourms and people have been asking about these issues for ages without getting any meaningful response.
If you as a company wish for people to become repeat costumers, you have to actually listen to the suggestions and complaints people provide, and not close the update suggestions tab on the form.
I love Asus and I love my Zenfone 8 Flip, but the software on it is genuinely the same feeling as buying a Lamborghini and opening the hatch to find it's been fitted with a 4L Toyota Corolla engine...

Attached you will find examples of the sea foam color.
Edit: spelling and grammar. In the comments you will find more examples and screenshots.


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Heres an image of the 8 colors given by ZenUI, vs what we ARE SUPPOSED TO HAVE on A12.

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Fully agree, great points. Asus, please listen!

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Frankly, I couldn't say it better.

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