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Zenfone 8 flip already DEAD.

One day, I was taking a photo with 8 flip. It was freezed and then shut down. So I have tried to press power bottons but nothing. My Phone could not start. I've tried to press soft reset with vol.down and power bottons.. same again couldnot start...T...

USB tethering doesn't work.

I can't enable usb tethering on any computer i have tried. I have tried different cables and tried to force this on developer settings but it just doesn't work. Option to enable tethering is grayed out always.How can i fix this or is this bug?


I hope you keep the flip camera in ZenFone 9

Hello,Will you keep the flip camera in a variant in the upcoming ZenFone 9 models?It was the single criterion that made me choose Asus phones.If you were to abandon it, I am afraid a bunch of users like me will no longer be interested.Even in the cas...

Nawfal by Star I
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Zenfone 8 flip cannot send or receive calls. Instantly hangs up.

My zenfone 8 flip's calls were working about a week ago before it stopped working. I made sure that all settings on my phone did not disrupt my calls. My messages and internet was working before I talked to at&t, my network provider, and they said th...

Kylexig by Star I
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Dark Mode

My phone is in dark mode, and I am unable to turn it off.I have gone to Settings, Display, Display customization, System color scheme, and am unable to change the setting from Dark to Light. It won't change.John

Asus zenphone 8 flip suggestions

Please place the nfc coil at the top of the phone. Maybe in the camera assembly or behind it. Most nfc readers are hard to reach and it feels unnatural to hold the phone over a sensor dead center. Choices for cases are a bit limited. Id like a few mo...

Security update

Any info about December or January security update? Because what we have is November security update ,will we get newer security update soon?

ASUS ZenFone 8 Flip - Proximity sensor issue

Hi, I am facing an issue that is actually driving me crazy and makes me regret buying the phone. Seems that at some point I received an update that made my proximity sensor malfunction and since then I can't get rid of it. The issue is that the sens...

whatsapp-image-2022-01-29-at-2-21-24-pm-281-29.jpeg whatsapp-image-2022-01-29-at-2-21-24-pm.jpeg whatsapp-image-2022-01-29-at-2-21-24-pm-284-29.jpeg whatsapp-image-2022-01-29-at-2-21-24-pm-283-29.jpeg
COSS by Star I
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Андроид 12

Здравствуйте уже конец января 2022 года, а на мой asus 8 flip до сих пор не пришло обновление до 12 андроида, живу в России