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Camera problem or android 12 bug?

Star I
Hi. First, my camera can't touch this button,if i touch that my camera will stuck.
Second, my camera selfie works fine but still cannot touch that button. But, when it comes to video call, and face recognition my camera flip,but it do not detect face. The screen go blank.

I notify this after a few weeks upgrade to android 12. Is it android 12 bug? Or there is a trick to solved the problems.
Thank you.

Hall of Fame II
I didn't encounter this problem on Android 12, it should be a hardware exception.

Zen Master II
Use Gcam for your camera
It will give you better results too

Community Legend III
First step would be to clear the storage & cache of the camera app to reset everything, and then optionally clear cache files system-wide as well.
Settings -> Advanced -> Mobile Manager -> Cleanup -> Clean -> Reboot your phone
If this does not work, please check if you encounter the same issue when rebooting in safe mode.
Long press power button -> Long press the restart button until asked if you want to reboot in safe mode
If the issue persists in safe mode, please consider performing a factory reset. Should the issue remain after resetting your device, I recommend you reach out to a local ASUS service center and explain your issue to them.

Star I
After the updated I faced a similar issue with the camera. Except that I can only use the wide angle one. And when I open the camera app the screen is all black and if I swipe through camera modes I can feel the faptic feedback and when it hits the "document" tab only then the image appears. I noticed that only in panoramic mode a can use is so I figured it must be only the wide camera that's working. But I installed Gcam and it opens directly to the wide angle camera and works instantly but still the main camera doesn't work. Just selfie and wide angle. I tried the factory reset and nothing happened, cleared cache and everything... Maybe it's a hardware failure but it looks like the main camera is used when I open the camera through WhatsApp. Then it works fine...