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Laptop not seeing Zenfone 8 flip

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Zenfone 8 flip
Android 12
Not rooted
Frequency 2.4gh
Since the upgrade to android 12 my Zenfone 8 flip is not showing in my win10 laptop wifi list. I've tried every solution possible in different online forums and communities without any success.
I've been using the tethering hotspot on this phone for some time now before this upgrade without any problems and now I tried changing the hotspot name and password and still not working. I've reset both device and no changes. I tried both frequencies and not working.
I'm capable to have my laptop connect with the USB connection with the same laptop but speed are different.
I'm puzzled, thanks for your help.


Hi @ClaudeL
We're so sorry to hear that you're having trouble with your ZF8 flip and the Android 12 upgrade. Please try to:
Verify if the hotspot can function normally in Safe mode. If it does, then the problem may be caused by 3rd party app.
If that doesnt work, I recommend that you backup your personal data and do a factory reset. Please come back after doing so and let me know if your issue persists, so that I can report it.
Also, what mobile carrier are you using?

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Hi keren_ASUS - thanks for your suggestions. My provider is Videotron I'm in Canada.
Try the first suggestion and nothing happened in safe mode it did not see it even after restarting the laptop to bring it back to normal.
Tried the 2nd suggestion after factory default reset of my mobile Z8+ the laptop still does not see my newly created hotspot name even setup as connect automatically.
If I click on troubleshoot it tell me that I haven't chosen a connection but when I open the list my mobile isn't there.
Should I update my apps and system, it's telling me that updates are available, I gathered it will bring it back to android 12.
Let me know the fix when you report this issue.

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Phone updated back to its original setup however now I'm missing backup files, photos and apps. I can live without that for now.
Let me know of any this a know issue that needs a patch, it was working a few weeks ago??

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Tried to restore my data by resetting to factory default a 2nd time ended up getting my wallpapers and a few .pdf files back but no apps or photos that I've installed previously.
Is there another trick... I've read that that was the only way to restore??
I even downloaded "Google 1" but no restore option, what else can I do??