Purple haze

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5 days into owning Zenfone 6 when I use Pro mode and set the shutterspeed above 13 seconds there's a Purple Haze all over the place on the regular camera but not on the wide-angle camera if I take a picture of a building with a word on it the word is reversed an placed for some reason on the other side of the photo and it's very dull but it's also very visible ....3 days into owning the phone I got a smudge on my camera and wiped it and noticed a rainbow esque butterfly wing effect when I'm around 50ft or closer to ANY light source at night as well as a lot of reflective "artifacts" ...if I take a pic of the street an 4 cars are facing the camera I get 6 light floaters in various places on screenI know for sure that it's not from cleaning the lens off so I have no idea what's going on with cleaning the lens off isn't going to cause this effect.. My zenfone 5z never did any of this.... Is there a fix? Tries gettin a hold of asus on here.. When you get to the " insert serial number" section it apparentlt doesn't know the difference between I an 1 or 0 an O an even says it an won't let me continue

... So how can I talk to tech support when the system doesn't even know how to spell or do numbers when typing in the SN of phone? Oh an the tap to turn off/on screen.... Only works at lock screen which is kiiiinda pointless... Fix'


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