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Zenfone 6 Appreciation

This isn't a question or anything special. I just wanted to share my feelings about my Zenfone 6. Really this is the best phone I've ever owned. I have a certain nostalgia for my old Nexus 5 and 6P but this phone just feels right. I love the screen b...

Screen mirroring issues

Hi, Very sad to the 6z is very pathetic on screen mirroring. Seriously lagging, worst ever.Please help

Aza_Aur by Star I
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[Feature Request] Always show navigation bar when keyboard is active

When using the alternative Swipe-up gestural navigation (when the navigation bar is completely hidden), typing becomes cumbersome as the keyboard now appears at a position lower than where it does when the navigation bar is displayed. Given that the ...

Lambaste by Rising Star I
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Purple haze

5 days into owning Zenfone 6 when I use Pro mode and set the shutterspeed above 13 seconds there's a Purple Haze all over the place on the regular camera but not on the wide-angle camera if I take a picture of a building with a word on it the word...

BUMY991754YW.jpg TZF0AMLS4R3V.jpg ASQ6MV86KDK9.jpg Z2JZUNJS19A3.jpg
mastershu by Rising Star I
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MMS needs mobile data to send / receive

As per title. I need mobile data on to send / receive mms. Is this by design? Is it an apn setting? Is it a network issue? Using Vodafone in Australia

rfa by Rising Star II
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Zenfone 6 мерцает экран на малой и средней яркости

Столкнулся с такой недавно появившейся проблемой, зрительно напрягает. Особенно если фон белый.С чем это может быть связано? И есть смысл обратится по гарантии?Это может быть исправлено в дальнейшем (это именно из-за новой прошивки официальной)?

Regarding battery consumption

Well I would like to have your comments on this.In the picture below, is everything normal?@Anders_ASUS @Kris@Kris_ASUS @LP_ASUS @lp5566vs183


Suggestion to add 19.5:9 and 5:19.5 Crop

Hello,Was trying to crop a picture to make a wallpaper but noticed there was no 19.5:9 or 9:19.5 cropping aspect ratio in the pre-installed gallery application. Would suggest to add these aspect ratio's as this is the phones aspect ratio.

Security update September

Its almost October and we haven't received any security updates i know we have other major bugs fixing going on but still a security update should be given every month even if it doesn't solve any bugs with next Android coming in December i dont thin...