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Updates I'm not getting

Rising Star I
Ok soo as some of you know I got the zenfone 6 about 5 days ago... Of course gotta check the updates 1st thing an I noticed after my update that... there's like.... ALOT of them..... My issue
I only got 1 update... I coulda sworn it said 280 mb... Did it an that was that.... But reading what was in the other updates I'm wondering of the one i got was. A large packet of all of them cuz I seem to have alot of the stuff from past updates in my phone... Went to Asus site an the updates were all in the 1.8gb size..... An I just got another update now.... Does this seem odd to anyone? ..when I got my 5z It had to update 6 times before it was caught up on it's own....with the zenfone 6 I feel like it skipped them or put them all in 1 file or something it's weird... Any thoughts? I reeeeeaaallly don't want to factory reset an dl eight 1.8gb files with my slow home internet lol

Zen Master I
The only thing that matters is what version you're currently using. The latest one is .191 however some users may have .189 . If you are on an older version and your internet is too slow to download 2GB file just wait until FOTA will do its job.

Rising Star I
Just weird is all like.. My 5z TOLD me "hey... You got some updates to do an it's quite a few of them"...zenfone 6 is all "meh... I see em but.... I'd rather just do this last one instead cuz that's alot to deal with right now" lol ...but your saying I'm good? No need to do the others at all?

Hall of Fame III
If you're on .189 then you're good

Rising Star I
Ok thanks alot!