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Volume Slider color

Star I

The volume slider on my phone is violet colored.  I'm allergic to purple and its kin.  How can I change it?  Thanks.


Rising Star II

Go to System preferences, Asus Optimized, Volume Adjustment Mode and select Stock Android.


Hey @Rexglen,
Just as @berto35 suggested, you need to select Stock Android and then go to the Home screen, touch and hold an empty space and select Wallpaper and Style. There, you can change the color of the volume slider.

Star I

I got it changed to blue and reverted to ASUS optimized but I got an email asking me to "Accept as Solution" one of the replies I received.  I thought I'd verify the steps and tried it all, again.  I can get it to change colors but it reverts to part blue and part violet if I change the color then go back to ASUS optimized so I'm leaving it on stock Android for now.   I should have left it alone.   I think I generally like ASUS android style but not that one color, oh well... .  Thanks guys for your time.