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System color scheme is set to light but the calculator's color scheme is dark even though it's set to "as system". I have attached video for it. @Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS


  • I also have this bug on my ZenFone 6, but it can be solved out by going to calculator setting and select between Light, and Dark or select ''As System'' Color Scheme.

  • What about "As system" then ?, you want me to manually select "light", when its automatically supposed to happen. This is not the only bug, Even though I have set to automate between light and dark in developer options , Neither of them changes automatically as expected , I'm doing it manually every other time.@Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS

  • What happens if you switch again between light and dark scheme in system settings and between light and as system in the calculator? Have you tried killing the app? Restarting your phone? You may even try to long press the calculator icon and press the i (with a circle) and then storage & memory. Press clear storage.

    I hope one of these tricks can help you :)

  • Apologies if I should start a new thread but along similar lines I notice even in dark mode the navigation bar shows up bright white.

    In addition, when using VPN the line showing this in the toggles hasn't been themed dark.

    But I hope both will be addressed when Asus leverage the built in dark mode from 10 ?

  • What firmware are you running that is causing your Dark Mode to keep the navigation bar white? I'm on .189 and my navigation bar goes to a pretty dark grey.

    Can you provide a screenshot/picture for your VPN issue?

  • It's a very small thing tbh. Like a say the dark mode in 10 should resolve this!

  • Also on .189, see the screenshot below

  • I can definitely see what you're talking about on the 2nd picture. The 1st picture I see light grey, but I know what you mean, not true Dark Mode uniformity. Shades of grey and all that. ;)

    If Android 10 doesn't resolve this for you, send me a PM or create another thread and I'll let the developers know.

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