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UI bugs

Star III

The notification shade seems to almost always pick white color for text on white wallpapers. The clock widget shows a white clock, meanwhile the weather app shows a black colored version??? The UI IS VERY  inconstant. 

+ The widgets still struggle to scale probably 




Rising Star I

Interesting; I also get white when I unlock the phone in the notification area (until I swipe down) but I do not have any of those widgets as stock.  All of my ASUS Widgets do not look like those nor do they change colors, the standard clock is just white or black depending on dark mode, etc.    I do have some third party ones that are similar to yours and they often require me to go in and change app settings to get color adjustments.  It might vary depending on the app/widget? If you have those as stock with your ZF10, I'm jealous for sure!  It would be nice if the unlocked would swap to black like the lock screen.

Almost all of these are 3rd party widgets, they all change automatically according to white or dark mode. 

The weather widget is stock