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Unlock tool

Rising Star I

When is the tool coming?

I would like to update my device to a newer version, and that only works if I am abel to to unlock the bootloader, you say soon, but when? I hoped you release it along with the Zenfone 11 Ultra but that didn't happened.

I like Taiwanese phones for real, they have good quality so I bought that to have a phone I like and also to maintain myself, for the users who buyed it it would be great if Asus takes action and given us that opportunity you have taken from us.


Maybe you guys have some internal problem is guess, but that tool is easy to make it available again. Pls do it for the customers who buyed an Asus and like the Taiwanese phones. Also I like htc it also Taiwanese and so pls


Star III

I wanted to switch brands, I too regret buying the Asus  8 pro. I sold my red magic 8 pro to get a phone which can't unlock bootloader. Lucky me, I haven't activated it yet. Have to refund  within one week. Going for red magic 9 pro. Bootloader can be unlocked. Actually my first time buying an Asus phone and experiencing such, wanted to really test it out, but bootloader lock is a big "NO" for me.