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Asus 5Z getting shutdown automatically

My phone is getting shutdown automatically and sometimes it shows the notification of Charging stopped temporarily : The temperature of the battery is too high.I observed this meassage is coming after I started facing this auto shutdown issue. I am c...



when i launch front camera it open the back camera in my my asus max plus m1 phone. It went like this 路‍I already clear the storage and still, nothing change.


zenfone max m2

Hola chicos, quiero saber como puedo cambiar el almacenamiento predeterminado del dispositivo para pasarlo a un almacenamiento externo, quiero pasar información y aplicaciones a la SD ¿Como hago?

Zenfone max m2

Hola chicos, mi celular tiene un problema al cambiar de aplicaciones, si salgo de una aplicación e ingreso a otra, una vez quiera volver a la anterior se me reinicia, pareciera que no tuviera RAM , no se como hacer para que no se me cierren las aplic...

Zenfone max plus m1 not turning on

My phone fell from my pocket when i picked it up it was still fine, but after a few hours in turned off by itself and it doesn't seem to turn on now. It just vibrates every time i press hold the power button. Iv'e searched for how to fix this problem...