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Zenfone Max Pro M1 soft bricked overnight

Star I

Zenfone Max Pro M1 (X00TD) with latest firmware, not rooted

This night, my almost 5 years old Zenfone soft bricked over night. It worked as usual in the evening and was left on a charger, but in the morning it turned off and cannot boot anymore.

I've tried these actions and got these results:

1) Holding Power button - shows "Powered by android", then "Asus" screen for several seconds, than turns off.

2) Connecting to the charger - shows empty battery for several seconds, then - shows full battery for the same amount of time, then turns off

3) Power button + Volume up - shows CSC fastboot mode with only one option - "Long press power key to shutdown device", with no options like factory reset etc. In this mode, the phone doesn't turn off until I hold on the power button.

4) Power button + Volume down, all buttons simultaneously - same to holding Power button.

I've also tried to connect the phone to my PC with the ADB tools turned on, but in every scenario when I type commands like "adb devices" or "fastboot devices", it doesn't show any devices as connected.

I've searched for the same issues and saw that other models of Zenfones tend to brick overnight due to motherboard failure, but in all these cases the phone doesn't boot at all, unlike mine that tries to boot and turns off only after several seconds of loading, so I have some hope that it's still possible to do something.

So, the question is - is there anything I can do to boot my phone, or at least access its file system?



Unfortunately, based on your situation, it seems to be a malfunction due to device aging. Since this model is an early version, repairing it may not be cost-effective. Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.