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When is asus rolling out new update for 'Max Pro M2' with bugs fixed...

Star III
Max Pro M2 - beta 2 carries several bugs...
1. Im facing network issues frequently...
2. Wifi reception capacity is very poor...
3. Sound output quality from speaker and earpiece is very poor...
Asus team must provide a better update with all the bugs fixed at once... Possibly soon...


Zen Master I
Hi shreerangmore,
Sorry, we're afraid we haven't received information about the update schedule for ZB630KL.
What network provider are you using? Have you checked with your network provider? Please check this article for troubleshooting:
WIFI speed will be affected by the environment and the corresponding network settings. The actual transmission speed will decrease according to the interference of the signal in the environment. This article is for your reference:
Thanks for your feedback. We've collected this feedback to relevant teams.