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Iz it still a good idea to buy Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1/M2?

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Since the last year I've been looking for a new phone and actually bought a Xiaomi Redmi gadget, but I never enjoy using it, even though I've made a thorough research so to speak. I seem to have been unable to find a phone to my liking. Now I'm seriously considering buying a device with stock Android, I need a smaller handset, not a fablet, plus I wish to have a microSD slot and the ability to use 2 SIM-cards. And the only model that appeals to me is ZenFone Max Pro M1/M2.

So I wonder if I buy a 4/128-gb ZenFone Max Pro M1/M2, will it be working for at least 2 more years? Which of them comes with stock Android? And has anybody here tried updating it to the beta version of Android 10? How much space does it take and does it have serious lags?

And a few more questions. Have you encountered any problems with sound? And also, will I have no problems taming the fingerprint sensor? I'm not paranoid about my security and would prefer this feature to be off, and on my Redmi phone I'm having some issues with the sensor and can't disable it.

I'm living in Belarus and at times visit Russia. Anything I should be aware of carrier-wise? I've read something on Russian forums about the device losing the connection with the carrier? Has this been fixed?

I'm not this picky when it comes to display specifications and cameras. I'd like to have a decent loudspeaker though. What I primarily use my phone for is chatting in messengers, making quick Google searches, watching educational and music videos on YouTube and downloading music files aside from YouTube. I also will get there a few maps applications to help me to navigate the city - I guess these will load the phone's resources the most.

What do you think guys? I'd appreciate any input!


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