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Problem with new update

ZF Model: ZB631KLRAM: 4GFirmware/APP Version: Android 9Frequency of Occurrence: regularyRooted: NoAPP Name: bluetooth Last edited by lessey on 2019/5/14 20:44 Need help!!! After the last update of the system (Android 9 appeared on my phone) can't...

lessey by Star I
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Error please Resolved the problem

Got an error while the phone was plugged in charger or device shutdown Device shutdown and an error message which reads : 'Device corrupted, Your device may not work properly or cannot be trusted Press power button to continue G.com/ABH link from an...

Problem with CALL REJECT CALL -

ZF Model: ZB602KLRAM: 4GFirmware/APP Version: OPM1.WW_Phone-15.2016.1902.340-20190216Frequency of Occurrence: stillRooted: NoAPP Name: call phoneHello, I had to make a hard reset because I could not get on the phone through the PATTERN or fingerprint...

qiubman by Star I
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Hola a todos. Por favor me pueden ayudar, tengo un Zenfone Max Pro M2 y no encuentro cómo hacer Screenshots o Captura de pantalla. Intenté con tecla volumen y encendido simultáneamente pero aparece notificación que la app no está permitida. Porque es...

Light brightness

I'm disappointed the screen light is darker than the 8.1 version of Oeo please improve. 100% screen brightness comparison on Android 9.0 pie equals 40% on Android Oreo.

Cloning by Star I
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ZF Model: ZE554KLRAM: 1GFirmware/APP Version: 12005090Frequency of Occurrence: 12005090Rooted: NoAPP Name: 1200509012005090

Not receiving updates

ZF Model: ZB631KLRAM: 4GFirmware/APP Version: 14.5.22Frequency of Occurrence: 10Rooted: NoAPP Name: Play serviceGoogle apps are not getting updates in my mobile

Apps loading again and again while multitasking

ZF Model: ZE554KLRAM: 3GFirmware/APP Version: Android 9Frequency of Occurrence: Many timesRooted: NoAPP Name: All appsWhen I doing multitasking on my phone for example, when I am downloading anything on UC browser and then when I switched to Instagra...

Vibration in pie stable update is too low

ZF Model: ZB630KLRAM: 4GFirmware/APP Version: 16.2017.1903.064Frequency of Occurrence: AlwaysRooted: NoAPP Name: VibrationVibration in pie stable update is too low... Unable to sense incoming calls.. Stable pie update? Thats why basic functions are ...