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Zenfone9 screen issues

Star I

I was just trying to see if its just me being unlucky. I've been getting display issues with my ZF9 where around the bottom center of the display there is a green box hue. I've had asus replace it twice under warranty with a new display and its been slightly exhibiting the issue again not long after I just got it back. I may just bite the bullet and pickup a s24+ in the coming months as its out of warranty now and I just get far too bothered by the defect on the display.


Star I

This is a design flaw. Pressure on that spot on any zf9 causes a permanent light spot that only gets worse in time.

Asus tried to repair it multiple times. And it kept appearing for me. If you get a new zf9nabd press on that spot. Asus is unable to fix it permanently.


Keep complaining and sending it in for warranty. They offered me a buyback after the 4th return for the original pruchsse price of 880$


Tried to tell me it was working as intended. Trash product. Trash support. I went and got a Google pixel 8 pro. Way better phone.