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Zenfone 9 issues

Star III

Model Name: ASUS_AI2202

Firmware Version: 33.0804.2060.189

Rooted or not: not rooted

Frequency of Occurrence: often

APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): latest version

Hello, I just bought this device, Asus ZenFone 9 256 GB storage 16 GB ram, and I think it's overall amazing, it works very good for many things but for other things it doesn't. I wouldn't return it or sell it, because the hardware it's good so I expect that these things would be fixed.
I list things that I currently don't find good in the phone:

-video recording in 4k 60 fps freezes sometimes and it skips some frames, so the video output is not 60 fps but less

-using front camera with flash inside social network is trash. If I open facebook or messenger and try to take a photo in dark conditions with flash from the front camera the results are very bad. When taking pictures, it doesn't shoot at the right time with the flash light and therefore the photo comes out dark and of low quality. While in Instagram it manages to take the photo at the right time but the quality is lower than the main camera app.
I have none of these problems with my Galaxy S9.

-the nav buttons, home, recents and back are too small and many times thet don't get pressed, they should be higher. At least give the possibility to choose the size.

-sometimes have to press more times in specific point to get the touch working. Seems like it misses some touches.
After I typed a word, if I try to get the cursor between some letters, it gets in the wrong position. Therefore by pressing on a word in a certain position, between two letters, the cursor is not positioned in the correct place. I don't know if it is because the sensitivity is very high and good but this is not happening on my Galaxy S9 which is very accurate at it.

-taking pictures in low light conditions takes a lot of time and sometimes the photos are blurred. Also with front camera.

-vibrating when reaching the end or the beginning of a page is not necessary, so should be deactivable

-the animations duration speed chosen in settings -> display, 0,5x , 1x , 1,5x , 2x , etc. if I choose 0,5x sometimes it will return to 1x on its own. This happens especially if I change visualization and text size

-pressing recents button continually will bug it and then the button will not work anymore until the phone is restarted. Also sometime double tapping recents button open the same app viewed in that moment and not the previous. I upload a video for this issue

- selecting split screen for some apps will cause sometimes a bug that when pressing recent button one app that was in spilt screen will create glitches that stays on the screen

-using an otg connection with an USB stick which contains photos and other multimedia files blocks the visibility of files in the gallery and also makes the device running slower and it lags a bit. The usb stick content is still visible through a file manager the gallery gets blocked

-status bar should have an option to show all the icons it can and not only 3 because there is blank spot where they could be showed. Also if I choose to see network speed in status bar it isn't showed in vertical screen mode because it limits the number of the icons

So these are the actual issues but sometimes I can see other ones. I will report them if I find them.

I expect Asus fixes these. The phone is still fresh and I expect good updates for this device.

Also with Android 14 I would like to see a bugs free rom.


Star III

Ps I use 60 Hz display to save battery I have videos and screenshots for all the bugs I found

Hey @usrb,

  1. For the first issue, can you mention the video settings?
  2. As for the camera issues, can you please share a picture?
  3. I have submitted your feedback for the navigation buttons.
  4. For the screen sensitivity issue, can you please share a screen recording for the same?
  5. Can you please elaborate on the issue related to the haptics?
  6. For the animation duration speed, can you please share a recording of the issue?
  7. I have submitted your feedback for the status bar to the R&D team.

Hello. So I add other issues I found and I answer the questions. Other issues:

-notifications are delayed 5 hours or more for some apps. A message notification is shown hours late.

-sometimes notifications are shown in full screen while a game is open, covering all the screen and it's troublesome

-setting Dirac audio mode to Cinema often returns to dinamic automatically

Now the previouses:

1. Settings: main camera, no flash, 4K, 60 FPS, no HDR, normal stabilization. Result video: 8 seconds, 57,487 fps. 


2.  In social media apps, Instagram , Facebook, etc. using the flash with camera inside the app, when it doesn't focus well, the picture is dark 


And the frontal camera gives bad quality compared to the stock app. Stock frontal camera app: 

P_20231101_175231_1.jpg Instagram frontal camera: 


Facebook frontal camera: 


Facebook messenger frontal camera: 


4. Sometimes needs to touch more times one point on the screen to make it working. Also pressing the volume button, sometimes the first time doesn't work and I have to press it again.

5. If you mean the haptic and vibration, it's when opening the settings, scrolling to the end of the page, or to the top of the page, there is a vibration and just this could be an option to activate or deactivate.

6. I will send a video of the animation speed returning to x1 when changing visualization and text size

I upload a picture of the issue when splitting of two apps, the recent screen show bugs: 


How to send more videos in a post?

I attach the video of the recent button not working if pressed many times.


Star III

I just want say that after factory reset a lot of issues are gone. I will say if there are others.