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Zenfone 9 Camera Lack of Focus on FW 33.0804.2060.113

Rising Star I

Hi Everyone...

I'm using zenfone 9 with FW 33.0804.2060.113 and non rooted version.

Is anyone have the same issues like me about terrible camera focus on main and ultrawide sensor in Zenfone 9 camera FW 33.0804.2060.113? 

Also the quality of sharpness and detail is really poor. The picture quality not good as 2018 phone that i use before, Pixel 3XL.

Is there any tips and tricks to handle this focus issue?

 Thanks in advice


Rising Star II

It would be useful if you provided more detail of the problem. The cameras never focus, or frequently, or sometimes fail to focus? Is autofocus or manual focus the problem, or both? Is the problem slow focus in all conditions, or just some (low light)? 


so in the viewfinder, i tap the focus to center of image. You can zoom in the picture to see all of pastry are blurry and unfocus.

The picture always blur at the end when i tap the focus in viewfinder. Then i think asus need to fix the algorithm of image processing.

Look, no offense, but you are taking images of something behind a glass in artificial light! Who knows where the camera is focusing!?

My ZF9 focuses perfectly fine, so it's definitely not e generic problem with the phone or its camera software. The latter has its own problems - oversharpening, noise in indoors shooting conditions, occasional small shutter lags - but focus is not one of them, except maybe on a defective phone.

And of course the quality is below a Pixel's - almost every non-Pixel phone's is. In fact, if you take piecture reliability into account (% of 'successful' pics), the Pixels still beat anything else by a mile.

I have been playing with the Wichaya gcam mod myself for a long time and, what can I say... It deals with noise / sharpening much better when indoors. But colors / whites are frequently way off, HDR+ has a long shutter lag. 



So i take this picture 3 times with good condition on sunlight and 2 of them even can't handle focusing to the yellow one.  The picture quality aree soooo over brightness 😮💨😮💨😮💨

Also the color produce from stock cam is not natural here's the sample pict:

Non hdr


Hdr on


Wichaya gcam


Really agree with your oppinion about Pixel. Thinking to sell ZF9 and move to P7pro / 7a 🤣

Also, can you explain why ZF9 no ratings on dxomark? 🤣🤣🤣