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Zenfone 9 - Bluetooth connection issues

Star II
Tried to connect to PC's and TV via Bluetooth to use as remote, but it disconnects and tries to connect again until it disconnects completely.
It works on multiple other phones without an issue.

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Hello @Mansi_ASUS,
I appreciate your help.
Here is the link to the Log:
https:// .com/file/d/15ga4M3UNd6wrGOvCr4OGOUwA7hutCSAf/view?usp=drivesdk

And this is the link to the screen recording:
https:// .com/file/d/15cSV-ZMZYsFNTz37-dm64Lr8fD1ARtTA/view?usp=drivesdk

Please remove the 2 spaces in the link since I am not able to post full links yet.
All permissions were set as needed.

Thank you,

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Just to add my 2c...
Just had my ZF9 (16GB/256GB model) delivered and cannot pair with the car (BMW 335i).
It finds the car, popups for the PIN & permissions, pairs and immediately disappears. It disappears so quickly, the car doesn't see it's paired and assumes it's gone away.
Disappointing bug to have in a new flagship, but let's hope it's sorted soon.

Star I
I've sadly had to return my ZF9.
I've had a plethora of issues, mainly BLE and 4G signal strength which has proven impossible to overcome as my primary phone. I've tried the latest 2040 update (23rd September) and whilst that improved some bugs, it introduced others.
One of the most frustrating issues I've had as the proximity sensor not detecting when I'm on a call and regularly pressing multiple buttons in the process, including end call.
I will consider buying it again in future, but the beta-esque feel just isn't good enough.

Star III
I experience the same problem. So far, my ZF9 cannot connect to the 2019 BMW X5 and one medical device (2022, brand new device). Both devices can be discovered, but immediately after pairing, the connection is lost, and the device is forgotten.
On the other hand, I have a handful of other devices that can be paired without any observable problems, including the 2019 BMW 440.
I couldn't find any reasonable pattern, what type of devices couldn't be connected (for example cars, audio, old/new, etc.)
Any ideas?

Star II
I have an update, since the Android 13 update (beta), the issue got mostly solved for me.
I hope it does for you too.