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Zenfone 9 - Bluetooth connection issues

Star II
Tried to connect to PC's and TV via Bluetooth to use as remote, but it disconnects and tries to connect again until it disconnects completely.
It works on multiple other phones without an issue.

Star III
Thanks MatunS for the update. I am going to try to update it and see if the problem is gone. Any known issues with the Android 13 beta so far?

Star II
Nothing major, an old app I really liked now has compatibility issues, which hasn't happen with Android 12.

Star III
Alright, I'll give it a shot, provided Asus accept me in the beta program.

Star III
I'm also having problems with my ZF9 Bluetooth and car.
It was working fine last week until I did this recent OTA FW update.
Now I cannot make calls from my car.

My phone connects to my car, shows up, I can access contacts etc. All looks good, but if I try to call anyone it looks like it's making the call, it dials the contact then just goes back to the standard screen like it's not doing anything.

However it has actually made the call on my phone but isn't connected to the cars speakers and my phone is connected to the contact. But I cannot hear anything.

I have to manually switch from Bluetooth audio on my phone to phone speaker.

To totally unsafe and frustrating, especially as it was fine before this recent OTA update.

Also since this latest update I can no longer use the "screen cast" built into Android 12. It was working fine last week before the OTA update.

Now it's broken.

Looks like something went quite wrong and I'm now regretting buying this stupid phone.

ZenFone 9 16gb/256gb version UK spec WW_32.2050.2050.29
Please test updates before you send them out.

Star III
I still think it is a pretty decent phone, however, the Bluetooth is really, really weak. So far I did not see any difference on *.2050.29.