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Fix photo oversharpening and overprocessing with GCam.

Star II
Dear Asus mods,
could you please forward following video to your colleagues in Camera/Development department?
[insert youtube site, because I cannot post links]/watch?v=nupkELMJck4
It should be mandatory for them to watch every morning in work, because the guy says it all. Maybe they can inspire themselves a bit then with the GCam performance 😉
Also, maybe this video will be a opinion changer for someone to go for a Zenfone 9 buy, as it was for me. The photo quality of ASUS camera app didn't convice me originally.
Thank you and have a nice day.

Rising Star I
Can one of the mods maybe share some information about a possible camera update? Is it expected there will be a big update for image processing anytime soon? Or is Asus happy with the image quality as it currently is?
The Nothing Phone with the same sensor has received a couple of software updates already, greatly improving photo and video quality since launch.

Rising Star I
I agree, the oversharpening needs to be addressed

Star I
Second that, the photos quality is a fuc**** disaster.

Hall of Fame I
Sadly there arent good gcam ports out yet, they are ok, but not great. Also not having corrected ultrawide pictures also kinda suck.