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ZENFONE 8 trade-in/upgrade

Star III
Hey Asus, is there anyway for u guys to do something like this?

A trade-up program for ZENFONE 8 owners to the ZENFONE 9?
I know this is wishful thinking, but one can only hope? 😅

Star III
Same idea here:

Asus should give opportunity, for every Z8 owner to replace to Z9 with some extra discount. For example i give away my Z8, but can get Z9 for 50% price. This would rebuild company good name. OFC if Z9 wont have same problems like Z8.

Idea Z8 and Z9
This would be nice but won't happen. Lots of bugs, ramdump etc. on Z8. They should do something to atone for this errors. 

Rising Star II
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