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Zenfone 8/9 not charging properly from 100w PD charger

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  1. Zenfone 8 and Zenfone 9
  2. Latest at the time of the post.
  3. Not rooted
  4. Always
  5. Not app related.

As stated in the title: using Baseus 100w charger I can not get Zenfones to charge even at 10w speed, it seems to constantly jump between 5w and 0 according to my USB tester. 65w chargers work fine.

In the graph you can see it charging with a 65w charger and then switching to the 100w one (the sharp drop in charging speed).


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Maybe is not compatible? 😉

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@KnazZo Both charger and the phone support USB-PD and PPS, so they must be compatible. The charger happily charges any other Type-C device that I connect to it, except for my two zenfones.

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Looks like this issue has already been raised in the past, I don't think it was actually fixed though.

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I use a 100W Baseus power bank that charges my phone fine.

However, my 100W USB C dock does not charge the phone at all. I believe Asus doesn't restricts charge to avoid frying the phone. It makes sense tho, I saw this week  a Samsung S21's charging port melted from using a 100W dock to charge the phone.