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Zenfone8 refuses to charge with USB-PowerDelivery/Qualcomm Quick Charge after 2-3 minutes

Rising Star I
Hey, few months ago i made a topic about not being able to charge the phone with 3rd party chargers.
Zenfone8 clearly has a problem setting a charge profile that works(USB-PD/Qualcomm Quick Charge)
So far i tested 3 charges, 2 of them are Baseus Gan2Pro 65W and Anker Nano II 45w with included usb-c to usb-c cable with the phone and other usb-c to usb-c cables that are 65W, and two cables that support 100W via USB-PD.
Phone charges fine for 2-3 minutes and then it stops charging at all. Please check if USB-PD and Qualcomm Quick Charge works with 3rd party chargers that can charge way more than 30W.
This is not about some 3rd party chargers not being supported. It's about charging standards that phone supports, but they simply don't work.
Heres my previous topic, afaik nothing been done about it.

Star III
Well, that would be some great news, if they will manage to fix this issue. I really like this (so far) problematic Baseus charger, and since it wasn't that cheap, I'd love to be able to use it with my phone asap 🙂

Rising Star II
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