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Widevine L1 still 480P both netflix and prime

Star II

After last firmware update my drm change to L1 which is good but on Netflix and prime still stream 480p, I already reinstall both app and clear cache data, but still 480p.


How do i test on Netflix ? We can watch test pattern and it's show 480p

And on prime there's no HD while stream even tho already turn on hardware acceleration.


Let me know if there's any solution for this issue



Hey @TidzMcgie,

Could you please elaborate on the method you used to test the video quality on Netflix?

Hi @Mansi_ASUS, sure! you can watch this

It will show quality of the stream, mine stuck on 480p on the top right

I already told the moderator about this problem again and sent them picture comparison against another phone to demonstrate its still bad quality. I hope Asus are fixing this

Hi since the problem already solve we can close this thread for now, thanks Asus team for listening to us.