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Widevine L1 still 480P both netflix and prime

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After last firmware update my drm change to L1 which is good but on Netflix and prime still stream 480p, I already reinstall both app and clear cache data, but still 480p.


How do i test on Netflix ? We can watch test pattern and it's show 480p

And on prime there's no HD while stream even tho already turn on hardware acceleration.


Let me know if there's any solution for this issue


Oh! Thanks for the info @Dead1110

Asus, please fix this issue seems like not only me facing this issue. 

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I have exactly same problem

Its sick

I have bought pretty expensive smartphone on release just to watch netflix in SD resolution 


When PPL says asus sux on smartphones i didn't trust their opinions bcus PPL love to hate stuff 


But as longtime user i have to admit it. Asus sux, dont buy their smartphones

Its first time in my life when im afrair to OTA UPDATE bcus it easy can become  worst then outdated OS

Yes its pretty annoying right? I've been using zenfone since intel chipset (zenfone 2) and if they not fixing this i think I'm ready to move on from Asus.

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Hi @Mansi_ASUS here's the screenshot for Netflix, as you can see on top right it will show 480


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@TidzMcgieI checked the video quality this morning following your method and everything is fine!

I didn't do anything, no firmware update. I guess the app updated and fix the bug automatically?