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Why Zenfone 9 firmware file isn't update?

Star I

The reason why ASUS doesn't share Zenfone 9 firmware files is because JP has been updated up to version 142 and only WW and EU have been updated since then???



Please confirm if your phone's firmware is used across different regions.
If not, please refer to the following method to update the firmware.
Tap ""Check Update"" in ""Settings"" -> ""System update"" to check if the firmware is the latest version.
Note: During the update process, please charge your phone with the AC adaptor or make sure the phone has at least 15% battery power level.
However, if you are unable to update, it is advisable to visit a repair center for further verification.
The following is the contact information: 
Also you can contact the local service center for help.
The following is the contact information: 
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.

The bootloader unlocking is essential, so I can't get the OTA. So, I can only manually update it with a firmware file, but the release note adds the update history, but the file doesn't update, so I wrote it.

why does asus support stubbornly and intentionally (another example here) refuse to acknowledge people seeking the full firmware downloads from the support site, even when they make it abundantly clear that's what they're asking about? Furthermore, once someone makes it even clearer that's what they are talking about, asus stops responding?