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Why cant i find ww_33.0804.2060.165 on the website?

Rising Star I

How come yall havent made the .165 update available online? My bootloader is unlocked so i cant get any OTA updates and im currently stuck on .142 with a 2-3 month old security patch. So why isnt it available online? Have you already given up on the device after just 1 year?


Star III


Read this post, we have to wait for the new update and hope that it will be loaded.

by and Thanks to 'MrAvenger'

'asus support told me they pulled the .165 update because it was causing bootloader issues. previous version is available on the website though'

'. 165 has bootloader issues. That's why it was pulled'



Since you have unlocked the device, if you need to update to the latest firmware version, it is recommended to visit a service center for further assistance.
The following is the contact information:
Note: Due to the device being unlocked, the service center will charge a diagnostic fee.
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.

That's a pretty crap response, far from what started out (when this device was new) as excellent community engagement.


You're just blatantly ignoring the actual problem (you've not published an update since June 1st) and are diverting attention to something irrelevant (OP isn't failing to install something and needing help doing so, they just don't have something available to install because Asus has seen fit to publish nothing in over 4 months)