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Well done Asus your updated broke my ZenFone 9

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Model Name: ZenFone 9

16GB Version 

Firmware Version: WW_33.0804.2060.142

Not rooted

Android v13

So my ZenFone 9 has been working perfectly for months. I've been enjoying the phone and had no issues.

HOWEVER Asus being Asus have now broken it with their latest update.

Overnight my phone updated itself and now I have the following problem.

If I am home or work I am connected to WiFi, if I leave my home now my phone is NOT dropping off the WiFi connection.

If I go for a walk it still shows that I am connected to my WiFi and doesn't switch over to mobile data.

It's always been seamless before and I've never had to intervene. But since this last update my phone just holds onto the WiFi connection and of course shows no internet because I'm miles away from the WiFi and there's no signal.


Basically this update has ruined a perfectly good phone.

Why can't Asus just stop messing about and if something is working just leave it alone.

I've tried rebooting and nothing is fixing this.

I do not want to have to reset my device because it's all set up perfectly

But I'm far from happy at the moment and I wish Asus would test things before releasing them.


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@Netbox Can you make sure that the "Switch to mobile data automatically" toggle is turned on(under Settings > Network & Internet > Internet > Mobile assistant)

Mine defaulted to having it off

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