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VoLTE and VoWiFi doesn't work

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Zenfone 9/ Android 13/  33.0804.2060.100/ Romanian operators My sims work on VoLTE and VoWiFi in another phone. 


Star III

The code works and must be entered every time the phone is restarted. So after the phone reboot repeat this process and go under the Network&Internet/Internet/and then sim settings, but it's an icon, DON'T click on Sim1 or Sim2 and I will see 4G Calling and WiFi calling menus.

hi there,

i am following these steps, but i do not have the option. is there something i am missing?


Hey @xposed,
Can you please mention your device's FW version and also the name of your network operator?

hi @Mansi_ASUS

Firmware WW_33.0404.1203.86 and the network operator is Digi Romania.

In the meantime i have opened a case to the Asus Tech Support, and they confirmed work is in progres for a new update, so we might have a solution soon.


Any news on this? I'm in the same boat as you, no VoLTE on Digi.Mobil România. Even though the service is enabled on the operator side and the SIM is provisioned with VoLTE, the IMS status is "not registered" and the latest July security update doesn't rectify the situation...

Screenshot_20230815-192943_Settings (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230815-193007_Telephony_Service (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230815-193031_Telephony_Service (1).jpg