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Unlock method changes after notification

Star II

I have my device set to fingerprint unlock on press only (not touch). Since the latest .88 update, after receiving a notification it changes to touch. Once it has been unlocked it then reverts back to press only until the next notification and then it becomes touch again. 


Star I
  • As soon the screen light upp example a notification then the fingerprint only need touch not press.
  • They should rename it for more detailed info ,ike this 2 examples (Number one 1 Press only) finger print only activated wen screen turning on by press the powerbutom or dubbletap screen, you can only unlock the phone through finger print wen the screen is activated. 
  • (Number2 finger print toutch) you can unlock your phone just lay your finger on the fingerpring Sensor and it instantly unlock your device you dont need to turn on our screen before and dont need to press down the button either. 
  • Sorry for my bad English im from Sweden 

The problem is that even after the screen has turned off after the notification pop up it still only requires touch and not press. If the screen is off then it should only be press which is what it was before the update. 



Just aktivate the options 2 

It is and always has been activated...that is the problem, it changes to touch after a notification even when the screen has turned off.